A Refractometer Is A Relatively Inexpensive Yet Essential Piece Of Test Equipment Used To Determine The Sugar Content In A Liquid, In This Case Your Beer Wort. The Rugged Exterior Of Metal, Rubber And Plastic Protects The Highly Polished Optical Glass, Mirrors And Prisms That Are Contained Within. Once The Sample Is In Place Underneath The Daylight Plate, The Brewer Can See The Percentage Brix Reading By Looking Through The Monocular / Eyepiece And Reading The Scale That Is Seen When The Refractometer Is Held Toward Natural Light.

What Does A Refractometer Do, And How Does It Work?

In Simplest Terms, The Refractometer Works Much Like A Prism, It Reacts Differently To Light (By Giving A Reading On A Scale) Depending Upon The Amount Of Sugar That Is Available In The Liquid Sample Held Between The Daylight Plate And The Main Prism Assembly. As Previously Stated, A Refractometer Allows The Brewer To Figure The Percentage BRIX (The Relative "Sugar Weight" Of A Sample Compared To Distilled Water) Of The Beer Wort. The Term BRIX Is Interchangable With BALLING Or PLATO. The Conversion To SPECIFIC GRAVITY Is Known In Brewing Circles As "The Rule Of 4". By Multiplying Whatever Number Your Reading Is In BRIX X 4 Equals Your Rough SG Conversion (1.0xx). For Example: A Reading Of 9 BRIX = 1.036


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